Thursday, July 17, 2014

The User, The Accuser, And The Deceiver

By Dustin L. Dyer

Today, I write what I have come to believe. 

Today I write what I feel is the only logical conclusion in a time that logic, truth, and reason have been smothered by confusion, deception, and anti-truth.

In the beginning, there was God and in the end there God will be. In the middle there is "the enemy". The middle is what we know, the middle is here to erase the beginning and the end from our minds.

Since being cast out, the enemy has done the following.
The enemy, (man's common enemy) has orchestrated the history and events that make up our world as we know it. He has carefully overseen each detail and personally crossed each T and dotted each I. He must do this, he is on the losing end of an impossible battle. Since being cast out, his only hope is to destroy and corrupt as much of God's creation as he can. He does this even knowing that deep down in the end, he will lose. But his ego and his self-righteousness drives him past this undeniable truth. His own resentment toward his Creator drives him, it motivates him. His only hope is to pervert, corrupt, and destroy as many of God's creatures as he can. He knows we all have a choice and he knows he has already made his. So the only satisfaction he has is to take as many with him as he possibly can. This is his driving force, this is his sole occupation.
In reality, it is a sad existence, in which the only sympathy he can seek is from the very beings he works so hard to corrupt and destroy.

But the enemy's work in the "middle" has brought him much success. As we advance as humans, so does he advance. As we create, improve, and innovate, he finds ways to use each and every one of our advancements against us. Each new idea we create will come with a consequence, it has never failed all throughout human history. He is an expert at taking what God has given us and use it for his gain.

Everything you see today, every world event in history has his fingerprints on them. Every war, disaster, and event. The past history we pass along to each other from generation to generation is tainted with his kiss. The people we were taught and continue being taught are enemies are sometimes friends.. And those we were taught and continue being taught are friends are sometimes enemies.
So this leaves us in a condition of confusion, doubt, fear, unknowing, or in a brainwashed state of lies. We as humans tend to choose a side, that is our nature. But when facts have been hidden, mangled, intertwined, twisted, confused, and without proof it leads to a division of ideas that are open to interpretation. When we are divided based on our own interpretations we eat each other.
In essence, the enemy uses us against each other. He started in the Garden of Eden which is the pinnacle of his work and he watched that escalate further downward.

Nothing we see or hear is as it seems.

The middle-east is the core, that is why there is always so much attention directed in that area. Are so blind that you can't see that fact? The Jews are God's chosen people and still are. God's beloved are the very ones that have rejected him. But the Jews have been split up into two different persons within one group of people. They have been and are consistently a focal point in much if not all of the world's major events. Why is that??? Jews have been hated and they have been loved. They have been blamed for the world's corruption and they have indeed corrupted. This is were the division of the Jews comes in. Because they are God's beloved people, the enemy has no greater achievement than corrupting them and using them to destroy the human world. What better way to break God's heart than to use His chosen people against Him??

It is no coincidence that the Jews have been beaten down and hated throughout history. From the Egyptians to the Roman Empire to Nazi Germany to the Islamic world. Everywhere they have gone they have been hated. Why do you suppose that is???? There are two sides of the Jewish coin. The enemy uses one side to corrupt, destroy, and pervert the world. While the other side stay loyal to God. But the enemy uses both sides. The side that he has molded for the corruption of the world uses the Godly Jews as victims. The Godly Jews suffer because of the actions and influence of the elite and corrupt Jews. The corrupt Jews benefit from the suffering of their own people because the world doesn't often see the two sides of the Jewish coin. The corrupt Jews are able to use this to their advantage.

Don't think I am picking on the Jews, or that I am promoting hate toward them. That may automatically come into your mind, because that is part of the design. The corrupt Jews have embraced and played the role of victim, while the Godly Jews have lived the reality.

The enemy has chosen the Jews because they are God's chosen. Remember what I stated earlier, the enemy has everything to lose, so he has cultivated the best way he believes he can destroy God's creation. The way he believes will hurt God the most. His time is running out, so you can expect the world to continue in much darker darkness. God will keep His promise to the Jews and He continues to love them as should we. We love them as we love all people, as God loves all people.

“I know your works, tribulation, and poverty (but you are rich); and I know the blasphemy of those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan." (Revelation 2:9)

Their Messiah and our Messiah has come and one day those who don't know Him, will... But What we must realize is the following:

For as many of you as were baptized into Christ have put on Christ. There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is neither male nor female; for you are all one in Christ Jesus. And if you are Christ’s, then you are Abraham’s seed, and heirs according to the promise.
(Galatians 3:27-29)

So in essence, all those who receive Yeshua are heirs according to the promise making us all ---> "spiritual Jews" But this one Bible passage breaks down all walls and all divisions among men that the enemy works so hard to keep up.

We often choose sides based on what we are told. We often look at the world and wonder, Why can't we understand? We don't get it because we only see and hear through our physical eyes and ears. Most of our spiritual eyes and ears have been shut down. We are blind and deaf to the things beyond this physical world but one day we will not be. One day all people will see this reality and we will not be able to deny ourselves out of it. God speaks to us every day, when will we start to listen?? I am as guilty as all of you...

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